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September 14, 201612:00 pm


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Remember, everything works great right up until the demo. Then it breaks.


Unique intersection and coincidence of strengths – domain expertise, critical path content, software engine built for controlled delivery.

Stephen is the founder of three software companies each growing from a single employee, him, to 100’s of employees. His last company, New River Investor Communications, was acquired by Broadridge and was the dominant supplier of online compliance information including a library covering over 60,000 mutual funds, automatically sourced from Edgar, and processed via sophisticated proprietary software methods. Stephen holds five U.S. patents (…. electronic delivery of compliance information , … electronic delivery of sensitive information, and others) forming the original basis of the company services.


To explore and develop with Range, content and methods to integrate with the advisor tool. And further explore and develop distribution opportunities to deploy this unique advisor tool to the advisor marketplace.


Deliver an engine so easy to use and so attractive to display, requiring no input to run successfully day 1 for an advisor. The engine delivers Disruptive Ease, Disruptive Quality, Disruptive Price, and is Always Compliant. Drive up advisor revenues, drive down cost to provide EVEN better tools, and reduce risk by insuring compliant online content delivery.


It is often said in the advisor market: “10% of the advisors do 90% of the business”, yet communication costs are often per each, the more advisors, the more cost. The filet of the market is the middle 50% of the 90%, not the bottom where churn is planned (20%), and not the top tier trying to become the top 10% (20%). Using FA’s 2015 Independent Broker-Dealer Ranking, the top 10 Broker Dealers encompass 34k advisors. Using the Top 10 Independent Broker-Dealer, the reachable target size is about 16,000 advisors.


The applications are written primarily in PHP, and contain a MySQL database. The application includes copious use of jQuery, sophisticated CSS and HTML5, substantial amount of JavaScript. The code is well structured. The control side of the application is highly modularized and organized in apparent logical manner, whilst the delivery side is a data-retrieval, switch operated, PHP, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, JS environment. Daily tools include Filezilla, Atom, Chrome, PhotoShop, along with many others.


The application is stable and works well. Some additional features are required that are similar in functionality and code to existing. Content integration, selection, and delivery need to be completed. The application requires scale-ability testing and adjustment, and finally, user testing and adjustment. Subsequently the engine will be integrated with up to several different choose-able display views.


Delivery control occurs here and the effects and result of control there, can be seen here. Note: there’s some silly images and so on within – they’re not for publication of course, and change on whimsy!


9.Next Steps.

Determine with Range:• any necessary improvements/changes to optimize the advisor tool • explore with Range options to best develop content delivery methods, distributions options to the advisor marketplace. Open to next steps from Range’s view.

10.Thank you.